Scientific topics

Modern logistics and the East-West Transport Corridor
(logistics centers; integrated transport systems; intermodal, multimodal and combined transport)

Implementation of a Single Transport and Logistics Strategy in Azerbaijan
(development of transit transport taking into account the potential role of Azerbaijan in international transport corridors, development of legal and regulatory framework to improve transit transport and logistics operations)

Use of digital technologies to improve transit transport and logistics
(including integration of international transport participants on a single digital platform)

Opportunities for innovation in various areas of economy
(including development of digital customs and forecasting in transport and logistics)

Control systems in transport
(including intelligent systems)

New technical and technological solutions for various modes of transport
(rail transport, road transport, air transport, sea transport, inland transport, pipeline transport and industrial transport)

Technical monitoring and diagnostics of vehicles and infrastructure facilities
(including transport systems safety)

Digitalization of Transport & Logistics sector and transit cargo transport
(Industry 4.0, national eLogistics systems, digital transport corridors and platforms, integration of transport-logistics systems for international transit cargo transport, etc.)

Mathematical modeling in transport
(methods of probability theory and statistics, fuzzy logic methods, deterministic models, etc.)

Transport and environmental problems
(exhaust air pollution, environmental pollution from hazardous substances, noise, vibration, heat generation)

Education in transport industry
(IT in education, distance learning, electronic simulators and training systems)

Mathematical modeling, numerical methods of optimization
(including the applications in logistics)

Optimal control, stochastic processes
(including the applications in logistics)

Optimization methods on graphs and networks
(including the applications in logistics)